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Creative Archives as Innovative Cultural Hubs
02-12 June 2020

Training webinar in the framework of the CR.E.ARCH. Project

Organization: The Greek team of the CREARCH Project, Dept. of Theatre Studies, University of the Peloponnese

Collaborating Institutions: Music Library of Greece | Research Centre for Modern Greek Dialects, Academy of Athens

Project leader and academic coordinator: Dr Eleni Papalexiou, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Theater Studies, University of the Peloponnese

Tutors: Alexandros Charkiolakis; Filia Dendrinou; Dimitrios Georgopoulos; Thanasis Karasimos; Vera Kriezi; Ioanna Manolessou; Stephania Merakou; Eleni Papalexiou; Maria Velioti; Valia Vraka; Avra Xepapadakou

Communication: Opus integrated communication | Natalia Katifori; Anna Zarifi, Dimitra Givalou

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La vita nuova
July 2019

Text by Claudia Castellucci

The Athens Festival

Translation / supertitles: Avra Xepapadakou

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'ARGOS': Actes de Création et Dynamiques de Collaborations Croisées - Arts de la Scène | Creative Europe Cooperation Project

The aim of the project ARGOS is to investigate the space of dynamic encounters between academics and artists while focusing on the study of the endeavours and the artistic creation using new technical means such as virtual reality. In this context, five experimental activities will take place in five countries (Italy, Belgium, France, Portugal, and Lebanon) so that all involved in the project may establish ways of identifying and creating links among the bodies, the academics, the employees in the field of culture, the wider audience and the students. Chiara Guidi is one of the artists to conduct a research experiment at Teatro Comandini, the headquarters of the Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio.

Collaborating Partners: Université Rennes 2 (host institution, France); University of the Peloponnese (Greece); Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal); Université de Lille (France); Universiteit Antwerpen (Belgium).
Research Team (of the Greek partner): Eleni Papalexiou (principal investigator); Chiara Guidi; Avra Xepapadakou; Antonia Vasilakou; Venetia Theodoropoulou.

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'CREARCH': CReative European ARCHives as Innovative Cultural Hubs | Creative Europe Cooperation Project

The main purpose of the CREARCH Project is to develop a European network of innovative cultural archives, to utilize and promote the history and memory that these archives preserve by means of interactive communication, narration in various forms, digital technology and the performing arts. The anticipated outcome of the Project is the increase in the accessibility of the archives and the attraction of the attention of a wider audience. CREARCH draws attention to significant European archives, among which is the Italian archive of the Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio.

Collaborating Partners: Fondazione Banco di Napoli (host institution, Italy); University of the Peloponnese (Greece); ICARUS Hrvatska (Croatia); Regionaal Historisch Centrum Limburg (The Netherlands).
Research team (of the Greek partner): Eleni Papalexiou (principal investigator), Claudia Castellucci, Maria Velioti, Avra Xepapadakou, Io Manolessou, Valia Vraka, Paraskevi Damala, Filia Dendrinou, Stathis Athanasiou.

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Laboratorio di Archiviazione Digitale della Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio
Teatro Comandini, Cesena, January 29-February 2, 2018 & 09-12 April, 2018

Co-ordination: Claudia Castellucci, Eleni Papalexiou, Avra Xepapadakou

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Classics Spring Break in Greece
Nafplion, March 24-30, 2018

Ancient Greek Theater in the Argolid and Corinth. An in-situ research experience of ancient Greek theater in the very sites where the tragedies are set and where the myths arose.

Organization: Stanford University | University of the Peloponnese

Project leader and academic coordinator: Professor Rush Rehm, Theater and Performance Studies and Classics, Stanford University, Artistic Director, Stanford Repertory Theater (SRT)

Academic coordinator in Greece: Dr Eleni Papalexiou, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Theater Studies, University of the Peloponnese (Nafplion)

Graduate Assistant: Verity Walsh, Ph.D. candidate in Classics, Stanford University

On-site coordinator: Panagiotis Psychas, Nea Tyrins

Dissemination: ARCH-Archival Research & Cultural Heritage

Under the auspices of Nafplion Municipality (DOPPAT)

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Romeo Castellucci | Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio Seminar
Dubitanda, Cyprus Theatre Organization, Nicosia, November 22 & 23 2017

Two days seminar on Romeo Castellucci's The Divine Comedy

Lecturing, presentation: Eleni Papalexiou, Avra Xepapadakou

Curated by Stephanos Droussiotis

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La Democrazia in America
June-July 2017

Text by Claudia Castellucci & Romeo Castellucci

The Athens Festival

Translations / supertitles: Avra Xepapadakou

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Romeo Castellucci | Meeting with the audience
Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, July 1, 2017

With rare footage from the creative process of Democracy in America

Presentation, video: Eleni Papalexiou

Video editing: Stathis Athanasiou

Organization: Athens & Epidaurus Festival

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Giulio Cesare. Pezzi staccati
June 2016

Text by Romeo Castellucci based on William Shakespeare

The Athens Festival

Translations / supertitles: Avra Xepapadakou

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Clytemnestra - Tangled Justice
"Trianon" Theatre, Nafplio, March 17, 2016

A performance based on Aeschylus' Oresteia and Euripides' Iphigenia in Aulis

under the auspices of the Municipality of Nafplio and DOPPAT

Organization: ARCH in collaboration with Stanford Repertory Theater (Stanford University) & the Dept. of Theatre Studies (University of the Peloponnese)

Arrangement, directing: Rush Rehm

Performed by Courtney Walsh

Academic supervision: Eleni Papalexiou

Translation, surtitles: Avra Xepapadakou

Interpreting: Evi Phili

Organizing comittee: Elpida Komianou, Voula Damala, Asimina Xyla, Christina Themeli

Communication and promotion: Natalia Katifori | OPUS Integrated Communications

Technical support: Manos Stathopoulos

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'ARCH'-Aristeia II

The ARCH-Aristeia II: Archival Research & Cultural Heritage Project (2014-2015) was co-funded by the European Social Fund and national resources through the Operational Programme “Education and Lifelong Learning” (NSRF 2007-2013).

Main Research Team: Professor Dr Anna Tabaki (project leader); Dr Eleni Papalexiou (principal investigator); Dr Avra Xepapadakou (principal investigator); Dr Dio Kangelari (member of the main research team); Dr Io Manolessou (member of the main research team).

Specialists: Valia Vraka (head of documentation, archivist); Athanasios Chatzis (web and database developer); Natalia Katifori (communication and PR co-ordinator); Ulee Manolakou (visual artist, web designer); Stathis Athanasiou (film director).

Documentation team (in alphabetical order): Villy Charalampopoulou, Paraskevi Damala, Giorgos Dermitzoglou, Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou, Stavroula Kapsalaki, Marilena Karatasou, Aphrodite Karmiri, Elpida Komianou, Dimitrios Livadias, Marilou Nikolaou, Louisa Nikolaou, Anastos Stasinopoulos, Stavrina Stekoglou, Christina Themeli, Panagiota Xydi, Asimina Xyla.

Collaborating institutions: National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (Host Institution), University of the Peloponnese, University of Crete, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Academy of Athens, Harokopion University, University of the Aegean, Stanford University, Université Paris IV-Sorbonne.

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