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E. Papalexiou, “Nyx Teleia. Nella notte profonda del mondo greco antico”

in Piersandra Di Matteo (ed.), Toccare il reale. L’arte di Romeo Castellucci, Napoli : Cronopio 2015, 31-44.


From the Eleusinian Mysteries to classical tragedy, from animal rituals to Platonic philosophy and to the workings of the city-state, the Ancient Greek world is ever present in the theatre of Romeo Castellucci. Words, meanings, and concepts, such as nyx teleia, epopteia, sigē, katabasis, pharmakon, run through his work and thinking, in a constant attempt to connect and —at the same time— break with the past. In his own words: “One must discover the roots to be able to cut them.”

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