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The reshaping of standard images

The inversion of standardly accepted images, expressions and perceptions of what is aesthetically pleasing and suitable dominates the work of Romeo Castellucci in its entirety. In his hands, images are a powerful, sometimes cruel tool for the projection of non-visible representations into the domain of the visible. These images are generated internally, endo-genetically; they become flames which seek their way out and their completion in the real world. The beautiful, unreachable idols are overthrown and reduced to their real dimensions. The archetypal figures are reflected in in inconceivable ways on the actors’ own bodies. Colour, matter as well as sound have their own major impact on the result of the creative process. And all is covered by the veil of the remote and the supernatural.

Photo from Moses und Aron, opera in two acts (1954) Music by Arnold Schönberg Directed by Romeo Castellucci Opéra Bastille, Paris, October 17 - November 09, 2015

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