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Romeo Castellucci | Democracy in America

Democracy in America is the latest theatre production by Romeo Castellucci. The play’s title echoes that of the seminal theoretical treatise by the French diplomat Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859), which rigorously anatomizes the American civic institutions from a European viewpoint.

Freely inspired by de Tocqueville’s work and period, Romeo Castellucci transports us to the communal life of American puritans and Native Americans. By employing a strategy of words and images, he aims to cast light on issues such as the language of communication, religion, and the notion of community. In the emerging New World, Biblical equalitarianism has now replaced the experience of Tragedy, which, according to Castellucci, constitutes the highest form of personal self-awareness and political identity.

Democracy in America invites us to discover, following a retrograde trajectory, the seeds of the modern democratic regime, long before it grew and spread throughout the western world.

Eleni Papalexiou

The Athens Festival, 30th June - 2nd July 2017

Photo by Guido Mencari

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