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A theatre of non-representation

Romeo Castellucci | Democracy in America. Photo by Chryssa Koutroumanou

"The dazzling aesthetic universe that Romeo Castellucci presents on stage resists clear-cut interpretations that attempt to pinpoint the meaning of the work, allowing instead for a multitude of both reflective associations and effective sensations. But even while Castellucci’s productions are open to different understandings and experiences, his directorial signature is highly idiosyncratic while also the theatrical oeuvre he has been building from the early 1980s onwards up until today demonstrates a solid consistency in that each production partakes in his overarching quest for what can be described as a theatre of non-representation".

Eleni Papalexiou, “Romeo Castellucci or the Visionary of the non-Visual”, in: The Great Stage Directors: Pina Bausch, Romeo Castellucci, Jan Fabre, (edited by Luk Van den Dries & Timmy De Laet), London: Bloomsbury Methuen. Forthcoming.

Romeo Castellucci | Democracy in America. Photo by Chrysa Koutroumanou

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